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Screech Coffee
20 June 2014

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Broken swing
5 November 2012

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Hitching a ride
4 November 2012

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Remnants of a bridge
3 November 2012

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Shelf Fungi
1 November 2012

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ST - Stories and Gossips
23 October 2012

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Country Road
12 October 2012

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Tied up at work
19 September 2012

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Worm Hole
11 September 2012

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Massey Harrisson
2 September 2012

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11 August 2012

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Lost cause
3 August 2012

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Flirty Fashions
19 June 2012

Thumbnail image

Low tide
9 June 2012

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Wooden Toilet - hdr
10 January 2012

Recent Comments

Ruthiebear on Screech Coffee
Missing you

Michael on Wine
I know a few women for whom this could be their motto.

michel "your little brother" on Screech Coffee
yay!!! welcome back big brother!!!

B. Thomas on Screech Coffee
Unusual name. Fun shot.

Steven on Screech Coffee
Welcome back, Don!! Like, Ruthie said, it has been a long time. A nice capture of an interesting sounding flavored ...

Ruthiebear on Screech Coffee
Welcome back!!!! IT has been a LONG time! Nice photo of this interesting sounding coffee

Niloofar ☯ (Lotus) on ST: Being ignored
I miss you Don, hope you are fine... :)

Céline Ruffino on Broken swing
Nice b&w!

Sam Stone on ST: Being ignored
Are you the Don Levesque who served in the U.S. Army in finance stationed in Alaska from 1969-71? Let me know! Thanks, ...

Judy aka L@dybug on ST: Being ignored
I miss seeing your work, Don ... and hope that you are okay ... just busy! Best regards...

Shaahin Bahremand on ST: Being ignored
excellent shot

Ruthiebear on ST: Being ignored
Merry Christmas

Ruthiebear on ST: Being ignored
Miss your images.

Céline on ST: Being ignored
Cute capture!

Abena on ST: Being ignored
Nice birds ! I like their colour :)) Hah, hope your Tuesday was silly :)

B. Thomas on ST: Being ignored
Too funny. Better that they ignore you than chase you. ;-)

Baldwin on ST: Being ignored
Excellent capture ... they were too busy talking ... no time for you !!!

Steven on ST: Being ignored
Sorry that you were ignored, but it looks like they were trying to do a synchronized routine for you. :-) Beautiful ...

Ruthiebear on ST: Being ignored
Happy ST. Looks like they are talking about you too.

Eric Cousineau on ST: Being ignored
Ouch, that really hurts!!! Happy ST Don! ;-)))

franz on ST: Being ignored
great ... i like the precision of their march and the direction they look at ... like soldiers on a parade !

Judy aka L@dybug on ST: Being ignored
How funny ... a terrific shot none-the-less!

Curly on ST: Being ignored
Camera shy eh? :-)

Aubélia on ST: Being ignored
Beautiful image! Good day.

Ruthiebear on Broken swing
Lovely graphic in B&W

Eric Cousineau on Broken swing
It would appear that the weight limit has been exceeded! Nicely captured Don! ;-))

Baldwin on Broken swing
Great monochrome shot ... contrasts and light are fabulous !!!

Judy aka L@dybug on Broken swing
Phooey ... and I wanted a ride! ... A great shot, Don.

Curly on Broken swing
Nice and contrasty - you found the weakest link :-)

L'Angevine on Broken swing
heureusement que j'ai lu le titre et que j'ai vu les reflets car j'aurais cru à une plaque ...

Baldwin on Remnants of a bridge
Great shot of this interesting support ... the stonework and textures are really wonderful !!!

Baldwin on Hitching a ride
It found a really soft pillow to take a nap ... Great capture !!! The colors are superb ...

Ruthiebear on Hitching a ride
I like how it really stands out on that plaid shirt!

SalSa on Hitching a ride
Very beautiful catch

Eric Cousineau on Hitching a ride
Beautiful colour contrasts here Don! ;-)

Curly on Hitching a ride
You sure it's not hiding from the Sherrif?

Judy aka L@dybug on Hitching a ride
Well seen and quickly captured as it took a rest on the tweedy plaid shirt! ;D

Judy aka L@dybug on Remnants of a bridge
Wow, that is a high gorge to cross over. I'm amazed at the close fitting of cut stones they used back then.

Denny Jump Photo on Remnants of a bridge
Beautiful framing DOn..I love this shot - Hope you are doing ok :-) DJ

Sam on Remnants of a bridge
Great capture of this place. Nice textures and light. Excellent. :)

Eric Cousineau on Remnants of a bridge
Beautiful light and texture in this shot Don! ;-)

Ronnie 2¢ on Remnants of a bridge
I guess there is a sign saying 'Bridge Not In Use' . . we'd have that here for sure !

Niloofar ☯ (Lotus) on Grand Falls Dam
E X C E L L E N T ! What a great W&B composition! It was so interesting!

Ruthiebear on Grand Falls Dam
The B&W really shows this off beautifully.

Judy aka L@dybug on Grand Falls Dam
Well done in monotone!

Eric Cousineau on Grand Falls Dam
A beautiful B&W image Don! ;-)

Baldwin on Shelf Fungi
Great shot ... the textures and details are wonderful !!!

Eric Cousineau on Shelf Fungi
Beautiful framing in this shot Don! The texture is fabulous! ;-)

Sam on Shelf Fungi
Great capture. Excellent details and textures. :)

Ruthiebear on Shelf Fungi
I like the variety of textures you have captured here.

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